Pacific Poke GDA Winner 2018 BW.jpg


Proud to be nominated by the german design council and winner of the german design award 2018.

Honoured to be in this years Restaurant + Bar Design Awards shortlist, alongside some amazing international talent.

Philippe Starck - Bazaar Mar (Miami, United States)
AvroKO - Duck Duck Goat (Chicago, United States)
RareField Design - Handline Coastal California (Sebastopol, United States)
DesignAgency - Leña (Toronto, Canada)
Studio Munge - Leuca (New York, United States)

Aria Group Architects - Nando's (H Street) (Washington, United States)
Studio Munge - Nightingale (Vancouver, Canada)
Aaron Neubert Architects - OZU (Los Angeles, United States)
Ply Architecture - Pacific Poke (Vancouver, Canada)
Kengo Kuma and Associates - Shizuku (Portland, United States)
Wanderlust - The Butcher's Daughter (Venice, United States)
Nemaworkshop - The Smith NoMad (New York, United States)

This project begins with abstraction. The momentum of the ocean collides with the discipline of origami. The space is rendered as an open volume, a gallery, and the triangles choreographed to leap and soar.

The limitations of the long open rectangular space are immediately apparent, this is the impetus for the concept. By emphasizing the space as volume, we ground it and create an open gallery that becomes a background for the installation.

Metal sheets are cut and folded into modular origami triangles and installed in sequence, choreographed to create a tangent, a sense of momentum and place.

A singular expression of an abstract idea for capturing the momentum of the ocean. 

Photography | Andrew Latreille